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How can I get involved?

Here are the steps involved.

  • Phase 1: Inform yourself
  • Phase 2: Preparation
    • Decide exactly what it is you want to contribute.
    • Find out which module best fits your contribution.
    • Approach the module manager and discuss what you'd like to contribute.
    • You will also need to register yourself as a contributor and set up a PayPal account for yourself.

  • Phase 3: Conditional acceptance
    • Reach a tentative agreement with the respective module manager of what your contribution is and agree the conditions of acceptance and what constitutes 'use'.
    • Prepare your contribution.

  • Phase 4: Product submission
    • Submit your contribution for acceptance. It is likely that there will be some quality control and you might have to do some extra work to, for example, get the documentation up to standard.
    • Once the contribution is up to accepted you will sign a document to transfer ownership to Inexas.

  • Phase 5: Activation
    • The status is considered active as soon as your contribution is 'used' according to the criteria previously agreed. In general this will mean 'used by a paying customer' but, for example, if you have contributed a database to manage Inexas' customers then it would be active as soon as it is integrated with the Inexas web site.
    • Once active your contribution will receive its share of the revenue.

  • Phase 6: Maintenance
    • In most cases you will need to fix bugs and produce new versions of your contribution and this will often be done with the help of other contributors. Your share of the module is reassessed on a monthly basis.
    • As a contributor to a module you will also take part in the regular meetings.

  • Phase 7: Obsolescence
    • Eventually your contribution might fall into disuse or be replaced. With no active contribution you are no longer a contributor.