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30 April 2015.


In addition to the duties defined in the statutory requirements for modules, M-Inexas has the following non-delegable and inalienable duties:

  • Provide overall management of Inexas to determine the ultimate direction of the organization.
  • Uphold and maintain the Inexas Statute.
    • The Statute defines the organisational of Inexas, details how revenue is distributed, etc.
    • Note that M-Legal will prepare the wording but the content is the responsibility of the M-Inexas committee.
  • Appoint and remove the persons and organisations entrusted with the conduct of business and to regulate their authority to sign.
  • Supervise persons and organizations entrusted with the conduct of business.
  • Compile and publish an annual report.
  • Prepare and call the Annual General Meeting.

Committee membership

  • Manager Keith Whittingham
  • Inventor: Keith Whittingham
  • Contributors:
    • None

Parent module

  • None

Child modules