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Welcome to Inexas

Inexas is a cooperative that develops, markets and supports open source business software.


Download any of Inexas' products right now in source or binary form, evaluate it and pay only when it's used.

What is an 'open source cooperative'

Inexas is an experimental business model with the goal of getting people to do what they want, how best they can do it, where they want whilst making sure they are rewarded properly for what they achieve rather than the hours they work. That makes us very efficient and keeps us totally focused on doing what our customers need, not what we might otherwise think they need.

Inexas is a not-for-profit organization. We charge most of our clients for the use of the software and services we provide. Revenue is passed directly to the people who build the software, write the documentation and fix the bugs. Rather than employees, Inexas has contributors. They contribute their work and, as long as the contribution is used, they receive their fair share of the revenue.

Inexas is driven by strong ethical standards. Our products are free of charge for other not-for-profits and for small companies where every little helps. We embrace the open source model so much so that we have extended it to our whole business model - everything, really everything we do is transparent.

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We're looking for...

Inexas is very much in its nascent phase. There's lots to do (there always will be) but there's enough in place for you to become a part of it right now. We're looking for, well, pretty well everything.


  • Libraries or products within the business domain, particularly
    • Business process management (we are currently working on a project in this domain)
  • Education support software
    • Particularly Math (again we are working on a project in this domain)


  • Software development
  • Technical writers
  • Software supporters
  • Legal expertise
  • Infrastructure management
  • Or ask us if you thing your skill-set is relevant

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